The Gender Fast Facts card  promoted new resources. 

The USAID Office of Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment needed a presence on the Agency's intranet, MyUSAID. Activities included: prioritizing content,  calling for gender materials across offices and bureaus, designing                 web pages without the                     benefit of being able to                    log-in to MyUSAID                            and filling content                            gaps.

Campaigns can be simple or complex, and sometimes they grow as work develops.

This glossary captured changing  gender terminology, filling an important gap for programs.

Going Green Responsibly                                                                is the tag line Nabholz
Construction adopted for
its sustainabe initiatives.
The campaign kicked off
with a companywide
giveaway of compact
fluorescent bulbs with
branded packaging. A highlight was the Sustainability Film Festival where top-rated documentaries were shown to increase awareness of issues and viewpoints.  Green Building Basics training and energy audits were companion initiatives.      501 339 6834

Winrock International promoted a new unit and technology to measure forest carbon. An event at the National Press Club kicked things off with 3D aerial imagery and PSAs were developed and shown on CNN

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The rollout campaign to introduce the new design of included an introductory video, fact sheet and talking points, a banner stand and a variety of                                                        tools for                                                                users.

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